Whether you need a new

social account or improved

networking – we can help.

Utilising our experience in social media, marketing and relationship management to promote your services or products to the audience you want to deal with. We encourage organic growth and visibility, we don’t buy followers, through interaction so your social media has a personal feel to it.

We create and implement effective campaigns with engaging and relevant content to improve your online reputation and in turn generate leads, raise brand awareness and bring people to your business.

Hallam FC

The Wednesday Week


"A big thank you for all your LinkedIn support, we've had a look at the analytics and seen how much you are helping. Interaction has increased since you started so thanks!"

Emma-Jane WrightSheffield Chamber of Commerce & Industry

“When R3D2 offered to take over our social media, we were thrilled. Our Twitter account was doing well - but we needed to hit a wider audience through Facebook. Our page now has a reach of over 200,000 on some posts. Our page likes have shot up by 678% and we are having real conversations with people”

Victoria WoodThe Wednesday Week